Jason Sugg, MA, LPC

I came to a career in therapy after working for over a decade as a software developer. I enjoyed the creativity and problem-solving of that profession, but there was always some part of me that felt unfulfilled. To exist for extended periods in such close communion with the machine produced a sense of being cut off - from my own body, from other people, and ultimately from life. In my own therapeutic journey I developed the means to reconnect with these parts of myself, and found my life growing richer and more complex as a result.

This sensibility is the one I bring to our work together - an ear for the excluded, an eye for the places where your story feels incomplete and deserves deeper exploration. Working together we come to know these lost and unexpressed parts of you, and as we get to know them I help you develop the strategies for making changes in your life that allow these rich new self-aspects to become a fully participating part of your life.

My master's-level training at Pacifica Graduate Institute ensured that I had expertise in all major modalities while also developing my ability to listen into your material. I am currently writing a dissertation for a Ph.D. in Depth Psychotherapy from Pacifica, with my research focused on the ways our built urban environments impact individual psychology. I also hold Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Computer Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.