When life throws curveballs - and perhaps your whole life feels like a curveball! - it can be easy to lose perspective. Of course! You're doing your best to deal with your situation amidst all the craziness of modern life, and all of us have only so much to give. In these moments anxiety, depression, addiction sneak in, our relationships become troubled, past hurts become painful again.

When this happens coming and talking to a third party is invaluable - someone with no stake in your day to day life, someone who is trained in how to listen not just TO the immediate struggle you find yourself in, but also INTO the broader life patterns that this particular struggle is part and parcel of, someone who can help you find both immediate solutions and the potential insight present in every problem.

I work with those who feel cut-off from the flow of life to find their vitality again. As a therapist I will help you deepen into the fullness of your personal story, thereby returning to a sense of being wholly in your life. As you talk we will work to flesh out your story, to find the inner and outer forces that continue to shape your life, and to develop strategies for you to make changes.

My approach to therapy grows out of a meeting of the creative and technical minds. In my first career I was a software developer, and so I bring an analytical savvy and firm grasp of the scientific side of things. But I also balance that approach with a focus on imagination and creativity as the spontaneous images of our psyches present our most intimate self-portrait. Psychotherapy is “the talking cure,” but the talk only helps if it connects to your sense of who you are, and so the human side is essential to the process. If you are ready to find ways to live your life more fully, call me.